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Fields of YellowFields of Yellow

2 CDs chock full of twistable guitar rock. 2005

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Echo2 Echo 2

An instrumental guitar tapestry; big bro' of Echo. 2005

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Instrumental guitar perfect for chillaxin'. 2001

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Temporarily JadedTemporarily Jaded

Quirky B-sides not on Yeah! 2001

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Heavy pop guitars; play loud! With multimedia. 1995

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Optic Frog SessionsThe Optic Frog Sessions

Remastered best of 1988-1994. 2002

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The Top Ten'ish
Song List


(see above)

Fields of Yellow Fields of Yellow
Met a Man Fields of Yellow
Housefly Optic Frog Sessions
The Partride Family !YEAH!
I Had A Dog Optic Frog Sessions
!Yeah! !YEAH!
No LongerThe Same !YEAH!
Bookend.right (Instrumental) Echo 2
Princess Bride (Instrumental) Echo
Understanding Temporarily Jaded
Temporarily Jaded Temporarily Jaded


Stephen King Playing Acoustic Guitar


Stephen King and The Dirge Band Photo


4th street jam


David King and Stephen King from The Dirge playing guitar and singing



Places to Go, Places to See

Business networking with LinkedIn


Right now, I'm greatly enjoying being the CEO for Mob4Hire.com. I've been in the software business for 25+ years ... as a progammer and doing business development in both small entrepreneurial startups and large matrixed Canada/U.S. organizations. Connect with me professionally.

Stephen King indie music



These are my main music sites, where you can hear new tunes, look at pic's, download lyric / chord charts, check out when the next live gig is. The MySpace one is for my solo and label stuff (Optic Frog) and the other is The Mighty Dirge bandsite "Stephen King and The Dirge." Add yourself as a friend! U know u wanna.

Stebankag videos on Youtube


Optic Frog is a melting point and multimedia convergence of technology, web, music, video (and sometimes the kitchen sink). Check out my vid's.


A tribute to Brother Dave


As long as there's an "opticfrog.com," this tribute will be online. Kinda like a digital memorial. Dave was one of the really, really good guys. It's been over two years, and we love and miss you even more! The world could use a little Dave right now...

My Second Life as Stebankag Dix

I don't go inworld at www.secondlife.com much anymore. Still, you could join me in my house, which I'm going to convert to a Mob4Hire store at some point. It's a next gen global social networking that's kinda like the Sims on steroids .. high point for me: I played a live solo/guitar gig streaming from my home studio to an island of listeners. Check out the li'l movie I made about my experience.

Find each other on Facebook

MySpace is cool as a music networking site, but Facebook has won the "stay in touch with friends" battle. So .... Come touch me on Facebook.

Stephen King and The Dirge 2005-2006

Check out the old opticfrog.com website ... it's more or less a blog (complete with pic's and mp3's) of the last recording days of the double-CD "Fields of Yellow" and the ensuing Dirge gigs (2005-06).


Come join The Dirge Bandsite!
Stephen King and The Dirge have finally got a bandsite ... where you can check out videos, pics and become part of The Dirge communnity. Surf to the bandsite

Stephen King and The Dirge

Calgary Tech Scene on TechVibes
I've been posting on TechVibes.com for awhile; it's a grassroots way to promote the great technical innovation going on in Calgary (which I'm very passionate about!) and follows my journey in the local high tech scene, as well as the global mobile industry. Read my blog posts.

Mob4Hire Blog
Speaking of blogs, we've got one for Mob4Hire: www.mob4hire.blogspot.com. Follow us on our journey as we grow our online mobile testing community.


Not to forget our Twitter:


Mobile Monday Calgary
Mobile Monday is an international network of developers, business leaders and other interested parties who meet casually on the first Monday of every month. I'm a co-founder of the Calgary Mobile Monday chapter (the 71st in the world!) ... join us!

Invaders from Mars
The Dirge stripped down to a trio for this live gig, doing a song "taking you way back to my first CD":

Fields of Yellow Musical Video
One lonely and long night I made a video at my home studio:


My name is Nike. I got the blues.
Self-explanatory ... some howlin' good fun:

New "Bug" song uploaded to MySpace
Emma and I have writen and recording songs for several years. The "Bug Song" (or "Things that start with B") has Chloe is singing with Emma, and Art (Chloe's Dad) is laying down the keyboards. Grooooooovy.

World Votes For The President
My buddy Bob (www.businessoverbroadway.com) and I thought it'd be cool if people from around the world could vote for the president. In the end, not many people voted, but we learned a lot about mashing-up websites and viral marketing with this site, including stuff not to do.


Bob's also got a really cool green T-Shirt and pins 'n stuff shop where profits go to help slow down the eventual demise of our poor Mother Earth:


Blogging costs the world $82 billion dollars a year

This is my old personal blog: www.opticfrog.squarespace.com. Stopped updating it when I started posting on TechVibes and others. Made me think "how much time / money does the world collectively spend on blogs, anyway?" Calculation appears in the blog entry.